About US

The philosophy behind NoLimit

The people who work with the NoLimit-app are dedicated to improvements and personal growth. We work hard to find the best possible tools for you to acquire permanent development – to become a better you. Our background from Total Quality Management, strategic leadership in organizations and College/university lecturing provide a solid foundation for the NoLimit-app with supporting tools and material.

We believe in peoples’ ability to change. The problem is that people set goals without the right knowledge or support on what it means to work towards the defined goals, and therefore they do not succeed.

Our solution is even more than the NoLimit-app, it is the hub that provides all necessary support – to become a better you. When completed it will be a full-scale concept of digital tools, courses and training, and collaboration between users, built on the Personal Quality Management concept.

Why do we make the NoLimit app?

  • We believe that with effort and a few changes, everyone has the capacity to become a better version of themselves.
  • We believe that every person has the ability to change their life.
  • We believe that several simple steps are the key to significantly improving your quality of life.
  • We believe that it is necessary to take charge of your life in order to achieve your goals.
  • We believe that with a bit of effort, it is always possible to recover from failure.
  • We believe that everyone has the potential for success. Those who dare to try, are those who succeed.
  • We believe that with a bit of support, motivation, and discipline, you can become a better you. 


We know that all this is possible with NoLimit’s unique combination of tools and techniques.